2002 Booton Common

Driven by the Environment Agency's Asset Management Plan ( AMP3) Anglian Water Services set in motion a series of projects with Ewan Group plc, who in turn contracted the supply and installation of 5 borehole logging systems to Halcyon Solutions.  

The driver for this scheme being the Habitats Directive which defined that the site was drying out leading to loss of fen habitat and bird species


3 Isodaq VF1e Logging systems installed in a pole mounting Kiosk Max/Min Thermometer installed for information. Transmitter cables ducted through Mounting tube from 3 adjacent boreholes


3m Head Artesian Borehole Chalk 55m - Transmitter encased in polystrene block


Similar arrangement showing needle valves, Bourdon Gauge for visible checking and quick disconnects


Druck DPI705 Pressure Reader


VF1e Data Logger with External Battery Box fits inside borehole tube P3 Booton Common Drift Sand


P4 Booton Common Boulder Clay

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