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The project to provide instrumentation for the investigation into Saline intrusion into the water supply aquifier at Burpham Extraction Works was divided into three phases:-

To provide instrumentation on the Tidal River Arun at Offham

To upgrade existing observation boreholes

To provide instrumentation for 5 new observation boreholes

Offham Bridge

The proposed location for the monitoring instrumentation


A safer place to be at low tide!
Stainless Steel carriers for the Turbity and Combined Depth/Temperature and EC Probes


Turbidity Probe from McVan Instruments Pty Model NEP395 PVC Body for salt water immersion with wiper
Greenspan CTD1200 Combined Probe


Equipment Kiosk mounted at high level
Isodaq Hawk Data Logger with SDL-12 capability battery operated from 12V AGM Plate battery mounted in a Plug 'n' Play Battery Box

Split Level Gaugeboards to allow reading at High and Low tides
Viewed from the opposite bank showing the installed steel access walkway

Refurbishment of existing Boreholes at Burpham


Four of the exisiting boreholes were constructed with flange plates at ground level
Plus one with no cap!

Each flange had a 1 metre upstand added. Each has a stainless steel eyebolt fitted at the top for suspending probes


Following installation each was enclosed within a wooden fence and stockproof fencing as the locals like to lick and rub!


Combined Depth, Conductivity and Temperature Diver Deployed in each borehole

New Borehole Instrumentation

Probably the best known building in the area


Each of five new observation boreholes were drilled by a specialist drilling contractor who provided a short upstand on each borehole with flange.


Each borehole was provided with a GRP Enclosure mounted on the flange plate at the five new locations.


This location also had the scheme Barometric Reference Diver fitted


Each site was equipped with an Isodaq Hawk Data Logger with SDI-12 Capabilities to utilise a McVan Instruments NEP-395 Turbidity Probe powered from a 12V Battery Box Assembly. Each probe was suspended using an eye, thimble and carbine hook for easy removal for cleaning of the probe and wiper replacement CTD Drivers were also fitted at each site.
NEP-395 Turbidity Probe with Wiper

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