COWS - 2006
{Critical Ordinary Watercourses} 

Project for the Environment Agency to provide Telemetry Monitoring Equipment at five diverse Critical Ordinary Watercourse locations.

Level measurements were carried out using Gems SDI-12 Transmitters with Dynamic Logic D7151 Outstations with Lightning Protection for both Transmitters and PSTN lines.

All stations were Battery operated from 12V Battery Box Assemblies.

Telemetry Panel constructed to a standard Plug “n” Play format.

Three sites required monitoring of both sides of “trash screens” two required a single transmitter. All were provided with Gaugeboards as necessary to BS EN3680.



Upstream "Stilling" Tube
Downstream "Stilling" Tube mounted under trash screen grille
Wall mounted Gaugeboard


Stream flowing through the middle of large residential housing estate


Upstream sensor mounted in "Number 8" Galvanised Tube

Downstrem Transmitter located on far side of road noise bund


Gaugeboard mounted on driven galvanised "T" Iron

Kiosk with "Ellis" Bolt locking arrangement

Haymill Storage


Kiosk mounted on top of walkway above height of reservoir bund
Number "8" tube mounted Transmitter and wall mounted Gaugeboard


Kiosk mounted on top of culvert
Stilling Tube and Gaugeboard Wall mounted

Windsor Great Park

Kiosk installed on downstream side of reservoir bund
Upstream Stilling Well and Gaugeboard


Downstream Stilling Tube
Internal view of Kiosk
Upstream Stilling Well Slab with "Dipping Porthole"

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