2001 Contract 34 
Dorney Rail Bridge

Dorney Rail Bridge works provided the means of taking the river through a nineteenth-century Brunel railway embankment whilst it continued to carry main line trains to and from London and Bristol . This delicate work to infrastructure considerably more than a century old was made possible by a process known as jacked box tunnelling , in which a pre-formed concrete culvert 165 ft long, 75 ft wide and 31 ft high was moved through the pre-frozen embankment behind boring machines, to become Britain's largest example of this type of tunnel.

In carrying out these works the Amerden Stream was effectively cut off and a pumping station was built to abstract from the new channel and deliver into the old stream course downstream of the new bridge.Telemetry was added to ensure that the levels are recorded and the Pumping Station operation monitored.


Gaugeboard mounted on ultrasonic mount in Stream


Ultrasonic Controller and Telemetry installed in kiosk


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