2002 Epping Forest DC
Thornhill FAS 

Design, manufacture, install and commission a Telemetry System to advise of the Flood Alleviation Scheme operating.

The design comprised supply of GRP Kiosk to house the Instrumentation and two Submersible transmitters monitoring either side of the Outfall Trash Screen, Standby power supplies, Differential monitoring of levels,lightning protection to incoming supplies, transmitters and telephone line.

Kiosk located on outfall side of reservoir bund


D1234 Telemetry Outstation with Speech Option
Battery Charger, Controller and Transmitter Interface Assembly


Supply incomer and Distribution Board
Reservoir Stilling Tube and Gaugeboard


Transmitter located downstream of trash screen grill
Hand Rails being installed 22 nd November 2006 on the outfall structure


It rained on the 26 th November 2006, newly installed hand rails just visible (Picture from EFDC)

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