This project was undertaken as part of a Flood Relief Scheme carried out by Alfred McAlpine Plc on behalf of the Environment Agency. The Scheme comprised two parts, firstly the construction of a Debris Trash Screen at Eltham Palace Road, and secondly an outlet flume to control the discharge from the storage resevoir at Weigall Road.
Pictures were taken during the construction phase !


Trash Screen Monitoring Kiosk – DL 7151


New Trash Screen installed doing it’s job !


Upstream and Downstream levels monitored using Submersible
Transmitters in Stilling Wells each with Benchmark and Dipping


View of Flume at Weigall Road


Submersible Pressure Transmitter mounted in Galvanised Steel Tube


VF4t Series GSM Telemetry Outstation – Battery operated with
Time Switch Option

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