2006 Regional Flood Warning 
Phase V SE Area

Project undertaken on behalf of the Environment Agency – Thames Region in conjunction with Mowlem PLC and Halcrow Group Ltd  which comprised the Supply, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of 23  River Level Monitoring Stations with Submersible Transmitters, 3 x Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Stations

South East 6 locations SE21 to SE26

Pre-fabricated GRP Stilling Well sumps were utilised with 300mm Twinwall Risers to ground level with a pre-cast slab complete with Dipping Porthole and EA Benchmark.
Where GRP sumps were impractical or alternative means of mounting tubes were available galvanised tubes were utilised secured to the walls of the structures.

Similarly Gaugeboards were either of the driven T Iron types or wall mounting.

Rain Gauges were constructed to a standard drawing comprising an ELE

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge and Stainless Steel Octapent Monthly Check Gauge

Environmental Agency Project with Halcyon Solutions


SE21 Pyotts Hill – River Loddon

Location is prone to flooding, the kiosk is fitted with an elevation plinth to raise the shelf above the 1:100 Flood Level.
A new access gateway with steps and railing were constructed from the highway.


SE22 Chineham – Petty’s Brook


Stilling tube on left hand side of channel with gaugeboard mounted on right hand side of the channel



Kiosk set amongst the local flora


SE23 Bagshot – Windle Brook

View of site prior to construction


Following Construction


SE24 Tongham Moor – River Blackwater, Aldershot

It was considered that this location was prone to vandal attack, the kiosk was re-enforced with 18swg steel sheets sandwiched between 12mm ply sheets and GRP



BT cabling under bridge using Adaptafex, home comforts thrown in for good measure

Arnos Park


SE25 Eversley Bridge – River Blackwater, Eversley

Pymmes Brook



SE26 Bromley Common – River Ravensbourne, Bromley

This location on the edge of the golf course where the River passes into a culvert under the highway with a trash screen. The object of this site was to warn of trash screen blockages. This site has a mains supply to power the on site lighting for dark hours screen clearances.


Existing Stilling Tube utilised

Rosendale Way


New kiosk to replace Lucy enclosure at the left hand side of picture prior to de-commissioning


SE27 Thornton Heath – River Wandle SE02 from Phase I 2001

This site installed on a previous phase was changed from GSM to PSTN line

As installed in 2001



Some 4 years later !

Small RiverLee in Cheshunt

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