To build Terminal 5 required The Duke of Northumberland's River (DoNR) and The Longford River (LR) to be diverted around the Western Perimeter Corridor of Heathrow. The project consisted of the two offtake structures four sediment basin structures, supply metering enclosures and distribution pillars together with signs and storage boxes for stop logs. The 'Twin Rivers' project brief was to design, construct, install and set to work all electrical, control equipment, telemetry links for all structures to the Environment Agency and Heathrow Airport Ltd.



Handover Day !
A View of the Twin Rivers
Terminal 5 Under Construction


General View of DoNR Offtake Structure which has 4 Penstocks

Installation of Gauge Boards
Rear Interior View of Control Kiosk
LH View of Control Kiosk
RH View of Control Kiosk


View of LR Offtake Structure - 3 Penstocks
Kiosk being delivered to site
View of the PLC Panel
River Level Displays
Lighting Facilities
110 Volt Tool Transformer
Actuator Isolators for Maintenance
Three Phase Supply Protection
Service Markers to advise of services under the Twin Rivers

Longford and Duke of Northumberland's Rivers plaques

at the South West Siphons.

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