2007 Weymouth Harbour 

Project to provide monitoring at a harbour side pumping station reputedly suffering from saline water intrusion at high tides.

The Harbour

Weymouth Harbour


Town Bridge

Town Bridge


Elpro 458 Mhz Licence free Transceiver located in the Pumping Control cabinet on the Harbour side

Elpro 458 Mhz Transceiver


Elpro 458Mxz Licence free Transceiver located in the Town Bridge Control Room, together with Ultrasonic Controller, Battery Charger and Battery Back up with a Plug & Play DL7151 Telemetry Outstation reporting to the EA

Elpro 458Mxz free Transceiver


Ultrasonic Transducer to monitor tidal harbour levels looking down from the bridge

Ultrasonic Transducer


There is an excellent fish and chip shop on the opposite side of the harbour !


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